First and foremost I would like to ask those who are interested in being an active member in the community to join the discord.
The forums have been deactivated for the most part and any minor announcements will be mentioned on the channel.

To join our discord click here.


We need markings for the new models and what better way to see what the community wants than hosting a contest!

Details for Entry
-You must use the templates provided
-You may submit an infinite amount of entries
-No copy-catting
-Submit entries to Impressive World’s DeviantArt ‘contest’ folder or message Riven on discord
-You may not use the templates for adoptables or any sort of profit
-There will be 5 winners

The 5 winners will have their marking officially put into the game.
The user who creates the best marking, as decided by the staff team, will receive early access to the closed alpha, special text color in chat, name badge ‘contest winner’, and an item of their choice

New Staff

Welcome Fleonnix!!! They are now a member of our design team and will be working on many of the organic textures needed for the game.
Also a warm welcome to Rinne who is a staff member in training!

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