Happy summer, everyone!

It’s been quite some time since our last contest so we’ve decided to offer another chance to the community to participate within a new contest and have a chance to help with the development of IW:Furthest Reach, and bring your ideas to life within the game!

We’ve decided to host an item design contest! The winners will be decided by the entry’s design and how well-suited their ideas are for IW:FR. The winning design will be taken onboard by the design team, and recreated to fit a 3D model sheet to be implemented into the game within due time. You have until July 3rd 12:00 AM MST to complete your entry.


  • Winners are decided based off of the given design rather than the quality of the artwork.
  • You may submit artwork that is of your own, but you may use the provided IW:FR bases if needed. https://sta.sh/2exdt4f7ooe
  • There are no limits to the amount of entries per person.
  • Please keep the items semi-realistic! Wings, Tutus, and Particles ( auras, paw fires, etc.) are not acceptable. Think about the environment when making your item, what it’s made out of and how easy it is to make.
  • A minor description of what the item is and where the player might find it, or how they may obtain it, is helpful though not required.
  • Multiple items can be included in one reference to create a “set”.


  • Item will be introduced into the game.
  • Winner gets a choice of any public item at release.
  • Winner’s item will come out prior to the playable alpha.

Please message Oslo#6999 on Discord with your entries! Any questions can either be DM’d directly to Oslo#6999, emailed to runes@impressiveworld.net, or posted in the #❔q_and_a channel in our public discord server, found on the front page of our site.

Good luck and happy designing!

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