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    Q: I’m trying to log into my existing account, but it says invalid username and I am positive it is correct, what does this mean? / I’m attempting to make a new account, but it says server can’t be reached, what does this mean?
    A: The server is down currently. It is suggested that users remove Impressive World from their computers as the new (and much more secure) version will have a new installer and launcher.

    Q: Why is Impressive World down and when will it return?
    A: Impressive World is down to prevent any damage to user accounts while we make a major upgrade. The update will take IW from being an Impressive Title server to being an individual game. There is no projected finish date at the moment, but any updates will be posted on the development blog.

    Q: What is going to happen to my account during the switch?
    A: More information can be found here.

    Q: Will the new game have realistic models or cartoony?
    A: Realistic.

    Q: What species will be in the new game?
    A: Canine, feline, and you can vote for the next species here.

    Q: Will boss pets be tamable again?
    A: Simple answer is yes. Long answer is there will be different circumstances for different large boss pets.

    Q: New items? Prey? Maps?
    A: Everything is being replaced, removed, or created from scratch.

    Q: Will there be an official critter location/drop list?
    A: If the community wants one, but there is plenty of opposition to it. Individuals are welcomed to post them.

    Q: Will there be a currencyt?
    A: Yes, but it will not be used for anything but aesthetics such as exclusive items.

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