We got some AMAZING entries for the NPC contest and would like to thank all of you for entering.
It was a very difficult choice, as the rest of the staff can attest.

First place goes to…..


f2u pixel - stone bullet by fifth Ziboe!!

The Oracle/The Future Teller/The Luck Divider
The Oracle is a neutral rare spawn NPC which has an specific role toward players. It carries a craved elephant bone as support and is blind in one eye while the other one seems to be missing(paint as replacement).

The player has 3 tipes of interactions with it.

1.-Future traveler.
Upon choosing of this option, the oracle tells future updates and ideas of the game, this includes anouncements, future plans, worlds, changes, etc.

2.-Seeker of truth.
Works as a dice, the player can ask a question and will be given the ultimate answer(typed). Questions can only be answered with solid words yes/no/etc.

3.-Luck advisor.
The most important role, the player will request (like some horoscope) its luck today, works as a dice and the oracle will demand answers from the orb. The player will be granted luck or unluck depending on the answer a status will be altered, this can be random. +7% of health, +20 of mana, -30 of health, etc.                   -)Another ideas is for the player to gain luck in hunting for items, the more luck it has, the more chances for prey to drop rare items.
Luck can only be asked once per day. Good luck and Bad luck will last 24 hours. Luck will be named as “Blessing” etc “You have been blessed, +20% of health” and Cursed by bad luck “You have been, cursed -30% of health”.

The Oracle has a short tempter and is a sarcastic grumpy individual. Upon spam/over use of certain interactions (Future traveler and Seeker of truth) the oracle will curse the player granting it a random amount of bad luck. Harming the oracle will cause for it to give the player bad luck and dissapear to some other place.

Idea for its movements is:
1.-By flying while carring the bone.
2.-By hopping with the stick.

Their idea was exactly what we were looking for. It fits very well with the overall atmosphere of the game and we look forward to putting their concept into play. You can expect to see some 3d sheets and mock ups very soon!

Second place goes to…..

f2u pixel - stone bullet by fifth tea-witch

Vara is a yellow-footed rock wallaby living a life of your every day thief. Best thing is, she’s really good at it. Her fast legs make her almost impossible to catch and let’s not start with those weird, glowing pumpkins. They explode and create glowing orange dust. You have to either run away from the dust or run through it so you can catch up with her again.
Here’s the thing though… if you do manage to get by that glowing pumpkin dust – you’ll get closer and closer to her and with enough determination, you’ll be able to catch her!
If you bring Vara down, she’ll most likely greet you with her famous sentence: “Stealin` from a thief, aye?” and after that she’ll offer some of the stolen items from her “mysterious pouch”.
That means item quality can vary. From random tree branches to high quality jewelry and accessories. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough, she may have some weapons too.
But beware! If she runs out of her glowing, explosive pumpkins, you’ll loose sight of her due to the pitch darkness of the night.

I think when we saw this idea, everyone knew this concept was going to make it up there. It is very unique and has such lovely coloring that indicates she is something to be investigated.

f2u pixel - stone bullet by fifthRaz

The team had been discussing a oversized NPC for a long time. The overall concept is super solid and they will surely be a sight to see in game. They will surely fit like a puzzle piece into lore. We have some big plans for this big guy.

All of these ideas are unique and have abilities/interactions we had never even thought of.
If you are interested in being the first to see these guys in game, consider supporting us!
Thank you to all that have entered, we absolutely adored everyone’s entries.

Pixels by fifth @ DA

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