We’ve decided to start this year with a contest for our community! This time we’ll be creating an NPC design contest, meaning you’ll be able to create an NPC with your own backstory (lore). You have from now until the 31st of January, 12:00 PM MST.

Design Guidelines

-You are allowed to submit an infinite amount of entries
-No copy-catting
-Include what purpose the NPC serves, i.e. merchant, trainer, quest giver (and what type), etc.
-The designs must be semi-realistic, meaning that the species and colours must be natural while markings are more flexible
-You can include the lore either in text format or on the reference itself
-Submit entries to Impressive World’s DeviantArt ‘contest’ folder or message Riven on discord


There will be 3 winners, decided by our staff team.

The reward for first place includes not only having their winning NPC introduced to the game, but also the perks from the $50.00 donation tier! This gives you access to the closed alpha when released, any choice of any public item at full release, access to the supporter discord channel, the supporter rank on discord and supporter badge + color in game.

Both second and third place will have their winning NPC introduced into the game with perks from the $20.00 donation tier, meaning you’ll have access to the supporter discord channel, access to a public item when the game is released, and the supporter badge and color in game.

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