I know this community has been burned before by promises of new and exciting developments only to wait years with no real progress, so I wanted to post a quick update to let you all know that we haven’t forgetten about you! I will be honest with you all, I do have a day job still and work on IW in my spare time. The day job has been very busy lately and I haven’t been able to invest a lot of time into new IW development in the past month. The good news is that, while I may be the lead developer, I am not the only person working on this project and some great progress has been made already on new models, textures, and animations by the rest of our very talented team! I hope we can share some of the progress made on art assets over the next couple weeks until I am able to invest some real time into the source code again. Moving forward I will be committing at least an hour or two daily to this project and its community, my goal is to have a working character builder in the hands of some eager beta testers in the upcoming months!

It’s been great getting to meet with and speak to a lot of you on Discord lately, and I would like to take a moment to address a few common inquiries I have been receiving as well as to make a request of you, the community.

Q. Player X has Hacked Item Z! Can you do something?
A. Hacked loot will be resolved in the new version, but not dealt with immediately on the current server. This is due to the limited admin and development resources we have right now, and if we prioritize account issues like this every time they come up on the current server, it delays development of the new version. When accounts are migrated from the current server to the new release, all character inventories will go through a conversion process and at that time hacked items will be identified and removed.

Q. My inventory is messed up somehow, can you fix it?
A. Basically the same answer as above. When the new release comes out there will be a conversion of all inventory to the new engine, and this process will resolve most inventory related issues players are currently experiencing all at once. Taking the time to resolve each and every inventory related issue on the current server will delay completion of the new release.

Q. Can I be a beta tester for the new release?
A. That’s a definite probably!  A form will be going up very soon to request beta access and to get notifications on development of the new build.

Thanks for your interest in the continued development of Impressive World. As a request to the community I ask that you please be respectful of the staff’s limited time and resources and realize that efforts are focused on new development rather than patching the current server, and the more we can focus on new development the sooner you will see a new version released on a new engine!

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