As many of you, who are in our discord or check the website frequently, know we have been posting more complete screenshots. I’m proud to say we are still chugging along steadily and only becoming more knowledgeable. While the game is far from release we will likely have a demo of sorts ready for specific testers and supporters by the end of the year. At that time an official release date will also likely be announced.

We are also looking for fun concepts and art made by the community which could have the chance at being featured in our gallery or even created in game. We are mostly looking for event and NPC design ideas. So if you have ideas or dreams you want to have made into a reality don’t hesitate to submit art, you can do so several different ways:

Staff applications will remain open for the remainder of 2018, but we are primarily looking for moderators (discord and in-game). Keep in mind you will have to include real personal information to be realistically considered.
Design Team Applications
Moderation Team Application


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Impressive World be a free to play game?

A: Yes, Impressive World will remain free to play. However, there will be options to purchase certain things in game so the game can hopefully sustain itself.

Q: When is the release date?

A: Undecided as of now, check back towards December 2018.

Q: Will there be forums?

A: There actually won’t be a forum, most media can be shared on the discord server.

Q: System requirements?

A: This is a hard question, since we haven’t even begun attempting to optimize it yet.

Q: So I heard there are going to be NPCs?

A: Yes, we have decided that NPCs would incorporate a fun dynamic atmosphere to the game. But don’t fret, they won’t be everywhere, they’re something you will stumble upon when exploring.

Q: So is Impressive World even considered an IT server anymore?

A: No, and we will likely change our name because of it.

Q: What is going to happen to our old accounts?

A: Artorius had posted a blog update on account migration a couple months ago and what will likely end up happening is you will have to apply for account recovery. There were a lot of spam accounts so it’s not something that can be 100% promised.

Q: Will we have the same markings and items as the old game?

A: Simple answer is no. A lot of markings will take inspiration off the old ones but there will be a huge selection to choose from and you won’t be limited. You will also be able to apply multiple markings and change their opacity individually.

Q: Will there be quests?

A: Yes, but they aren’t something you have to do in order to experience quality game play. They are additional fun things you can do when you want to take a break from roleplaying or discover hidden areas, items, or NPCs.

Q: How many characters can I have on one account?

A: A for sure number hasn’t been decided since we want to accommodate the community, but a good guess would be around 20.


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