Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Impressive World be a free to play game?
A: Yes, Impressive World will remain free to play. However, there will be options to purchase certain things in game so the game can hopefully sustain itself.

Q: Will the stuff you buy microtransaction wise make the game pay to win? Or is the stuff purely cosmetic?
A: The global shop will only be for cosmetic items.

Q: Will we be able to put wings on our characters and fly?
A: No, there are no wings. MWAHAHA

Q: When is the release date?
A: The release date for the game will be announced in the trailer.

Q: Will there be forums?
A: There actually won’t be a forum, most media can be shared on the discord server.

Q: System requirements?
A: This is a hard question, since we haven’t even begun attempting to optimize it yet.

Q: So I heard there are going to be NPCs?
A: Yes, we have decided that NPCs would incorporate a fun dynamic atmosphere to the game. But don’t fret, they won’t be everywhere, they’re something you will stumble upon when exploring.

Q: So is Impressive World even considered an IT server anymore?
A: No, we are an independent game.

Q: What is going to happen to our old accounts?
A: Old accounts will be removed. You will have to make a new account come release.

Q: Will we have the same markings and items as the old game?
A: Simple answer is no. A lot of markings will take inspiration off the old ones but there will be a huge selection to choose from and you won’t be limited. You will also be able to apply multiple markings and change their opacity individually.

Q: Will there be quests?
A: Yes, but they aren’t something you have to do in order to experience quality game play. They are additional fun things you can do when you want to take a break from roleplaying or discover hidden areas, items, or NPCs.

Q: How many characters can I have on one account?
A: A for sure number hasn’t been decided since we want to accommodate the community, but a good guess would be around 20.

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