With development actively starting anew on Impressive World, it was time to bring a fresh face to the project and give the game it’s own proper domain and website, so here it is!  We have a lot of flexibility and full control over the form and function of this site now, so please let me know in the comments below if there are any ideas you have or features you would like to see added or changed.  Impressive World is driven by the involvement of its community, and that includes both the game development and the website!

The site is obviously a little lacking in the graphics department currently, I basically only had the one logo Syl provided me with before she went on vacation to work with.  I am just your friendly neighborhood developer, I work with servers and code but graphics are not my strong suit – but I know this community is filled with great artists!  I have started a forum thread here for artwork submissions to use on the website, so please share your contributions and where you think they would fit best in our current website design.  Together, let’s make this site something really Impressive!


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