By downloading Impressive World’s content you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. By accessing Impressive World’s website are bound to the following terms and conditions. By extension, not having read the rules is not an appropriate reason for breaking any site policies. It is assumed that all registered users have read, understood, and agreed to the rules. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the staff team. 


Logos and other visual content located on both the Impressive World website and game are property of Impressive World and are protected by copyright laws. Images and content posted by other users is under their own jurisdiction. Any user caught using copyrighted images or content for any profile field or content, such as a reference sheet, will have the content removed and face possible account termination.


Impressive World is not responsible for any third party websites you are linked to from our game or website. Impressive World is not responsible for any malicious software downloaded from any third party websites you are linked to from our website or game. This means you may be subject to another website’s terms and conditions. Further more, if a malicious or obscene content is posted any where in game or on the website the user is subject to post removal and immediate account termination.


A user’s account (forum and in-game) may be terminated in the event that any terms or conditions are broken or if a staff member sees it fit. Appealing your ban is possible only through e-mail and any retaliation on said ban can have consequences past account termination.

AGE: 13+

This game has not yet been rated, but for the safety of our audience we and the Impressive Title community have deemed it 13+. Any users found being under the age of thirteen will have their account temporarily banned until they reach the age of thirteen. This being said, provocative language is allowed, but only to a degree. Excessive provocative language will receive a warning and if behavior continues; account termination. However, no racial slurs are allowed and no provocative language may be targeted at another user.


Terms and conditions apply in game and users found violating these on the website may also face termination in game.

Any users found hacking or cheating will instantly have their IP banned and will be unable to access Impressive World content. If a user is found doing either they are subject to consequences past account termination.

-Harassment/”Item begging”
Users found harassing another will be subject to a warning or account termination. “Item begging” ,as the community has coined it, is when users beg for items, spawns, or administrative power. This act of begging is not allowed and the user will receive a warning.

-Disturbing the Peace
As previously stated, moderators may use their discretion to determine whether a user is causing a general disturbance. This includes, but is not limited to excessive swearing, animation spamming, chat spamming, or chat flooding.


By accessing our discord you are agreeing to discord’s terms of use along with Impressive Worlds’.


• To post, link, or discuss any obscene, abusive, or copyrighted material

• To post, link, or discuss any communications or solicitations in order to gain access to another user’s account

• To abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate, or intimidate any person


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